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Those requesting financial assistance will be expected to do the following:

1.       Provide complete and accurate information

2.       Be willing to attend Budget Counseling

3.       Follow through for financial assistance from referral agencies, bringing in documentation of the agency’s responses

4.       Be working, attending school, volunteering or have proof of disability or other legitimate reason for not working

5.       Have a willingness to cooperate and do everything possible to help themselves

Christ-Centered Ministry

We at Love INC enjoy being part of helping the churches meet the basic needs of families in our community. Even more than that, we are grateful to have the opportunity to connect people with Christians who can in turn introduce them to Jesus Christ – who is the greatest gift of all. We hope and pray that the ministry of Love INC will give people a little glimpse of Jesus’ love so that they will truly want to know Him and will ultimately choose to receive Him as their Lord and Savior. We feel very blessed to join with the churches in this effort. To Jesus Christ be all the glory!

How Love INC Helps

Love INC is not a “handout”. Our primary objective is always to assist people to move towards self-sufficiency where possible. We want to educate our clients about all they can do for themselves and all they can do with their lives in service to others, as well. We take this position for a number of reasons. First, we believe it supports the dignity of the person seeking help. Secondly, we believe it is irresponsible to perpetuate a cycle of helplessness. Thirdly, we believe it to be good stewardship. We want to ‘teach people to fish rather than give them the fish’. We want to be the bridge for people into both a better spiritual life and one of economic self-sufficiency.

Statement of Faith

We, the entire leadership of LOVE In the Name of Christ commit ourselves without reservation to the statement of belief as herein set forth:

  1. We believe Holy Scripture to be the Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit
  2. We believe in the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. We believe in the Virgin Birth and the Deity of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, who is also Son of Man, with two distinct natures in one Person forever.
  4. We believe the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross made atonement for the sin of the world, efficient for all who repent and believe.
  5. We believe in the bodily resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. We believe that man was originally created in the image of God and fell into sin through the first Adam.
  7. We believe that we are saved through Christ. Our actions, our works, flow from our redemption in Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit within us.
  8. We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells all who receive Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord and guides our journey of faith.
  9. We believe that the church is the body of Christ.
  10. We believe Christians are called to witness for Christ and to preach the Gospel to all nations.


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